My Journey to Essential Oils

I started using essential oils about 5 years ago to replace my chemical laden skin care products.  I had been diagnosed with rosacea and really struggled to find anything that helped make a difference.  So I began looking at natural remedies.  I began making my own face and body wash, body cream, anti-aging oils and masks.  Immediately I saw a difference and within a few months my rosacea was completely gone and I haven't had it return.  That was 5 years ago.

Additionally I work with cancer patients and I am passionate about getting carcinogens out of our homes and off of our bodies.  I have never promoted one brand over another until just recently when the scientific community began experimenting with Young Living Frankincense in battling brain cancer.  If scientists determined Young Living to be the purest and highest therapeutic grade oils to use in their clinical trials that was all I needed to hear.

There really is a difference in the purity of the brands, how the oils are sourced, the standards that are used and the therapeutic benefits.  I challenge you to try Young Living and see for yourself. You will never go back!

Young Living is a natural addition to healthy lifestyle and healthy home!

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils and how to make changes in your life and home?  Or are you interested in taking a passion for healthy and holistic lifestyle and become financially independent?  Let's work together and do this!  If I can do it, you can do it....its really that simple.  Join my team and together let's help introduce the people you love and care about most to a healthier home and lifestyle.  Email me!

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