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You can be assured all our animals are raised using sustainable farming practices where animals are treated ethically and morally and without the use of
hormones and antibiotics.  
They are grass fed with little grain on natural pesticide free grassland.
Grass Fed Lamb


Whole Lamb:  $5 per pound hanging weight, $100 deposit.  

Generally 30-50 pnds of meat.

Or purchase by the cut when available:

Whole leg: $13.75/pnd

Shanks: $13/pnd

Ground lamb: $12/pnd - 1 pound packages

Loin lamb chops: $15/pnd

Ribs: $10/pnd

Rib rack: $20/pnd

Lamb fries: $10/pnd

Neck bones: $5/pnd

Liver: $5.00

Tongue: $5.00

Heart: $5.00

Pastured Chicken and Eggs



Eggs:  $5.00/dozen large - extra large brown


Whole fryer chickens:  $5/pound

Chicken feet: $2/pnd

Chicken livers: $2/pnd

Chicken Gizzards: 2/pnd







Pastured Berkshire Pork


Whole hog is $3.50/pnd hanging weight, you pay processing costs.  $100 deposit required up front.


Or purchase by the cut:


Pork Loan Chops - bone in $10/pnd

Ribs $6/pnd

Ham Hocks $5/pnd

Sausage - Hot breakfast $8/pnd

Shoulder roast $7/pnd

Ham $11/pnd

Ham steaks $7/pnd

Canadian Bacon $12/pnd