Berkshire pork is considered by world-renowned chefs to be one of the best tasting pork meat available. Called the "Kobe beef" of pork, It is lean and has a much fuller flavor.
We raise purebred Berkshire pigs a Heritage breed widely praised for the richness, texture, and juiciness of their meat. Our pigs are raised on pasture and spend their days rooting around for bugs, roots, acorns, whatever they can find and they also receive a ration of expiring fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, and bread from a local food pantry.
Our animals are NEVER given any shots, chemical wormers, antibiotics, steroids, or anything else made in a lab.

We sell whole hogs and half hogs and different cuts based on availablility.

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Located: 4600 Lil Lane Edmond OK

Phone: 405-410-6574