Poultry/Duck & Eggs

We raise pastured poultry, turkey and chicken eggs and duck eggs. Our chickens, turkeys and ducks receive a limited amount of organic non-gmo feed daily along wtih plenty of fresh air, bugs, grass, and whatever else they can forage.

We raise heritage breed laying hens, barred rock, Rhode Island Reds and Black Sex links. Our pastured broilers are Cornish Cross that are fed a very low ration organic non-gmo feed and forced to pasture for most of their food. This causes them to grow much slower and much healthier but still achieving a little broader breast meat which we happen to like at our home. They are full flavored and juicy just like you would expect from any pastured chicken.

Turkeys are broad breasted turkeys that we raise once a year just in time for Thanksgiving. Generally available for purchase starting around July.

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Located: 4600 Lil Lane Edmond OK

Phone: 405-410-6574