• Nancy Miller

How it all started

Frank and I are so excited to have you join us on our journey as we share our homesteading experience. I actually grew up on this very farm. We inherited my parents home and farm after my parents passed a few years back.

My parents Herdie and Myra Moore were amazing role models who really taught me a love for animals and country living. My dad was a dairy farmer and my mother a Registered Nurse. We grew up milking cows, bailing hay, raising chickens and working the land. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever want to farm. Note: Don't ever tell God what you are not going to do. He has a funny way of making sure that is exactly what you end up doing. Anyhoo...this is a picture of my parents. They were the best!

This is a few pictures of my grandparents Rallie and Ethel Moore. My great grandparents settled our land back in the Landrun of 1889. Can you believe my family has been working this land for almost 160 years!!!

So fast forward about 110 years and here I am now 47 years old and realizing how fortunate I was to grow up the way I did. We had fresh meat, chicken and vegetables. No hormones, GMO's or any of that crazy stuff. We grew up honest. Where hard work, rules and respect were expected. We all participated and put in work. Sunday potluck dinners at church, family and close friends. Life was good and I didn't even realize just how good it was. I wish I would have come to this conclusion earlier in life, but here we are now just in time for my grandkids to reap the benefits of the fun. This picture below is me and my brother growing up on the farm. This was my horse I creatively named Spot. Ha! I was a genius child.

My dad dairy farmed for 60 years and I never once saw him mistreat an animal or abuse the land. He was always very ethical and moral in how he did business. I just can no longer ignore some of the practices of our large commercial livestock and farming industries. So Frank and I made a decision to bring the farm back to life. Utilize the little bit of land left and become sustainable and self sufficient. We haven't looked back and we are so glad we haven't. Below is a picture of the homestead today. We have come a long way baby! We appreciate how far we have come and give all the glory to God.

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