• Nancy Miller

Raising Sheep - 5 things I bet you didn't know

We are admittedly newbies when it comes to farming. We literally just sent our very first ram to the butcher. This was far more difficult for me than I expected. But we have learned a few things about sheep over the last 2 years you may be surprised to know.

1. Sheep are not interested in being your friend. There is a reason why God describes us as sheep in the Bible. Sheep are only interested in eating, drinking and mating. HA! Sound familiar?

2. Sheep are not stupid like many people believe. They are fairly intelligent animals. For example at our house I am the "Shepherd". Meaning when they see me they know it is time to eat. They recognize me, they recognize my car when i pull up and come to me whenever I call them. It is actually pretty cool to be a shepherd!

3. Sheep talk! Yep, they really do talk to each other. They have different vocalizations depending on what is going on. We lost one of our lambs to a dog attack over the spring and the mama Ewe stood at the fence calling for her lamb for days. It was so very sad.

4. Sheep get manicures. Well let's just say they get sheep manicures. This requires you hold them down and trim their hooves. They don't enjoy getting it and we don't enjoy doing it. If you don't keep their hooves trimmed they can get hoof rot and it can make them very sick and they could die. Yes it isn't all fun and games raising sheep.

5. Sheep are fairly simple animals to raise. Sheep are great for small homesteads because they don't require alot of time or investment. Our sheep are raised on pesticide free grasslands, with the occasional ration of grain for the supplementation of natural wormers, mineral blocks, and fresh water. Add the occasional hoof trimming and shelter from the elements and you have happy sheep which will give you delicious, healthy and affordable lamb meat.

Here is to raising healthy and happy animals.



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