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Fence building on the farm

If you have a farm you know that one of the most expensive and time consuming projects we have on the farm is fencing. Finding just the right fence for the job is important. Not all fences are created equal.

We recently built fencing to contain our goats and sheep. Our criteria was pretty simple it should be sufficiently aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and obviously keep the animals in. Goats are pesky critters and can be experienced escape artists. So we needed to build a fence tall enough to keep a goat from jumping over and sturdy enough to withstand our 300 lb ram "Tom Brady" when he decides to rub his shedding hide on it.

The two pictures below are pictures of the fencing we chose. Before we began building we staked out the fence with string and placed a stake every 8 ft where we would drill a hole for a post.

We rented a post hole auger from Home Depot and dug all the post holes in one evening, placed gravel in the bottom and poured concrete around the posts and left them over night to cure. The next day we purchased 2x4x8 lumber we used to make the railing on the top and drilled those into place with wood screws connecting all of the posts.

Then we began to nail 34"x16 ft hog panels to the sections. Each hog panel covered two sections. These are the panels we used. They are only $20 at Tractor Supply. Score!!

We nailed the panels to the posts and railings with 2" fence staples. In the areas we wanted to leave open for gates we just skipped those and left them open. In my next blog post I will share with you how we made the gates from left over lumber and materials for about $20 each.

We built this fence in a week and it ended up costing us right around $1,000 in materials. It has met all of our requirements and we are quite pleased with ourselves. If you are looking for a sturdy fence that is inexpensive to build and maintain this one might be one you should consider.

Here is a tip to make this easier, make sure you double check your measurements between your posts so your 16ft panels will easily cover two spaces and you can purchase 8ft lumber for your railings so you don't have to cut the railings you can purchase them to size. This would have made this project a bit easier.

Trust me if we can do this, you can do this. Stay tuned for my post on gate building.



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