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Well Oprah has her favorite things show, so I figured I would share some of my favorite things. If you have homesteader on your holiday gift list, I am positive they would love one of these!

Disclaimer: The links below are affiliate links and if you purchase through the link on this page, we will get a small percentage that helps us out.

1. Flashlight/Stun Gun: Raising sheep is a great added income and food source on a homestead. However, sometimes it can be dangerous with large rams during breeding season. Since we have a fairly aggressive ram that has attacked me before, my husband bought me this stun gun that is also a flashlight. I carry it with me anytime I go into the field and have to be around our ram "Tom Brady". Just the sound of the electricity scares the animals and they stay away. Totally invaluable for me and makes a great stocking stuffer!

2. Coveralls: I love these coveralls! During the cold months, these keep me warm. Rain or shine, I wear these out to do my chores in the early mornings and evenings and the cold weather doesn't bother me a bit. These are must haves during the winter!

3. Traeger Grill: This grill/smoker is really amazing. It uses wood pellets that you can get in any type of wood from mesquite, to apple, cherry, etc., and it is electric. Thanksgiving this year we smoked our turkey on our Traeger and it was the best smoked turkey we have ever had. I am not just saying that! I use it to roast our pastured chickens, grill steaks, lamb chops, pretty much anything you would like to smoke or grill you can do on this grill. It really is pretty awesome! The one below is the very same grill we purchased. It also has 2 temperature probes.

4. Rubber Work boots: These are nothing fancy, but I wear them every day to do my chores. They will last forever so you won't have to buy them often. I clean the chicken house out in these, work in the field, garden, pretty much if I am outside I am wearing these boots.

5. Milking machine: I have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands which makes hand milking out goats really hard on me. So my husband bought me this milking machine and it works perfect! It isn't big enough if you are milking a bunch of goats, but for my two little goats it is perfect. This thing has been a time and hand saver. It works really well and comes with a gallon jar and everything you need to get started.

These are some of my 2016 most favorite things! Check them out! As you can see we purchase a lot through Amazon because I hate absolutely hate shopping. They ship it right to my house. You can't beat that. And if you have an amazon prime membership shipping is free on many items.

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