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You can make your own deodorant! It's Easy!

A couple years ago I decided after hearing about all the cancer causing chemicals in much of the personal beauty and hygiene products we use, to start making my own. Crazy thing is how much better it works than the commercial, chemical laden stuff you buy at the store.

I haven't purchased skin care products or deodorant in years. I just make my own using all natural ingredients and essential oils. The first thing I started making was my own deodorant. You might think that it won't work as well as the store bought stuff. The good news is that is works even BETTER!!!!

Here is the recipe that I use and with links to the products I purchase.

Homemade Nautral Deodorant

3 TBS beeswax pellets

1 TBS shea butter

5TBS coconut oil

1/3 cup arrowroot powder

1/2 baking soda

20 drops of tea tree oil

10 thieves oil

10 drops of orange oil or anything you like the smell

New or sanitzed deodorant tubes

1. melt the beeswax in a microwave safe bowl on high until completely melted

2. Add shea butter and coconut oil and stir until melted

3. Add arrowroot powder and baking soda and stir until smooth and lumps are gone.

4. Add essential oils and stir.

5. Poor in deodorant tubes and let cool on the counter.

The first time I made this recipe I had to adjust the amount of baking soda because it irritated my arm pits. If you make this and find the amount of baking soda to be to much for you, then zap the containers in the microwave on high for a few minutes to heat it back up again. Pour into your bowl and add an additional tablespoon of coconut oil, 1\2 tablespoon of shea butter and 1 tablespoon of wax pellets and remelt and repour into containers. You may have to play around with the recipe to get something that works for you. Just keep in mind to use 1 part shea butter to 5 parts of coconut oil to 1/2 part - 1/4 part baking soda and 3 parts wax.

Post your pics and share with us any changes you made to the recipe!

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