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Losing an animal on the farm - saying goodbye to Verdee

Our very first sheep we bought when we started on this homesteading journey was Verdee. Verdee was a very sweet gal. She was the matriarch of Green Acres Farm. Last year she gave birth to twins completely unassisted and they were very healthy. We had no idea she was getting ready to have her lambs and woke up in the morning to two beautiful little babies. We were so excited! And so went our first spring lambing. And all our sheep had live birth twins completely unassisted last Spring. It was if God knew we had no idea what we were doing and He rained His grace and mercy on us and His beloved creatures. We had 3 sets of live birth twins last spring and they were all born completely without help and without us knowing they were in labor and they were perfect.

To the right is a picture of Verdee with her twins last Spring.

I blame myself for not staying with her all night. But it was cold and raining and since she had such an easy time lambing last year I thought she would be fine on her own. Unfortunately, she wasn't. I am guessing here, but it is highly likely that one of the lambs was breach or still birthed and she couldn't handle it without my help. I wasn't there for her and I am so sad that I let her down.

Yes she is a sheep, not a person and it isn't the end of the world. I get it, I lost a child 16 years ago so I can put this into real perspective. Nonetheless, I was responsible for her health and well being and I didn't do my job. Somethings you can prevent and some things you can't. And that is the deal on the farm you don't have the luxury of a day off, sleeping in, and being cold and wet. Maybe we could have prevented it and maybe would couldn't have but now we will never know.

Lesson learned. Never again will I leave one of the sheep to lamb by herself. Its sad we had to lose Verdee, she was a good girl. We will miss you Verdee and we will make sure that Lil Verdee isn't left alone to lamb this Spring.

I will post pics of Lil Verdee and her lambs when she has them. Pray for me, as I work through the guilt I have on letting her down. Have you had any situations like this happen? If so, tell us about it so we can know we aren't alone.

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