• Nancy Miller

It's Spring Pastured Chicken Ordering Time

It is time to place your order for our Spring Chicken harvest. A $5 deposit per chicken will hold them for you. We raise them on non-GMO, certified organic feed, fresh water, and all the bugs, and pesticide free grass a happy chicken could want. These chickens will be ready for pick-up around mid May, first of June. Chickens average around 5-6 pnds. Go ahead and put down your deposit now to ensure you have plenty of fresh pastured chicken to eat!

We are raising the Red Ranger Broilers from Meyer Hatchery. These broilers are natural free rangers and were developed by the french. These are great tasting, tender and juicy!

Place your order and make your deposit now! The next round of chicken harvesting will be in mid-August to early September.

Place your order now and pay securely on-line!

Visit our on-line store to place your order for our spring harvest or our fall harvest.


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Located: 4600 Lil Lane Edmond OK

Phone: 405-410-6574