• Nancy Miller

Why buy your chicken and eggs from a local farm?

So you bite the bullet and purchase eggs and chicken from the local health food store thinking you are purchasing responsibly and healthfully. But do you really know how those chicken and eggs are being raised?

Due to the loose definition and requirements of "free range" labeling, many of us local farmers have adopted and are using the term "pastured" to describe the chicken's life on the farm.

The difference between free-range and pastured.

Free-range: Generally, free-range is a loose term for any system that does not use cages and provides access to an outdoor area. So, while flimsy definitions of "free range" and "cage-free" allow facilities to sell their products as free range, please beware that a hen that is let outside into a barren lot for mere minutes a day, and is fed a diet of corn, soy, cottonseed meals and synthetic additives is NOT a free-range hen, and simply will not produce the same quality eggs as its foraging counterpart.

Pastured: Birds have access to forage freely outdoors and have access to pasture with all the insects, seeds, plants and worms a chicken could want. This is a natural diet for chickens. This is the best way to raise chickens and produce the healthiest and tastiest eggs and chicken.

Eggs from pasture-raised chickens have been reported to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin E, all thought to be beneficial for our health.

Here at Green Acres we are not certified organic (that is really expensive). However, we use organic practices which means we do not use antibiotics, hormones or commercially fertilize or spray with pesticides. We use a natural pasture rotation system with our animals and let mother nature do her work.

Choose to buy locally and support local small farmers. This supports our community and is the only way to ensure the quality of the products you are purchasing. Come take a visit we are happy to show you around our little neck of the woods so you can see for yourself the hard work and care that goes into raising good healthy food, the old fashion way.


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