• Nancy Miller

Low cost or no cost ideas for your garden

To keep costs down on the homestead I am always looking for free stuff I can use. Raised bed gardens can be quite a bit of work to get up and going. But if you keep your eyes open you can often find old wooden crates and materials that others are throwing away that you can use. Raised bed gardens don't have to be expensive or fancy to get started.

Look around at your local lawn and garden, tile and rock stores. They will often have large shipping crates they are throwing away that they will let you have for free.

This picture shows some shipping crates we found that we plant our potatoes in.

Also you can use free wooden pallets or shipping crates to compost leaves, and grass clippings, kitchen scraps, etc.

To use these crates we stapled chicken wire around the outside and filled them with straw and compost and then soil. The straw helps to fill in the small holes in the chicken wire and keep the soil from escaping through the wire.

For potatoes you start out with a thin layer of dirt and plant your seed potatoes. As the plants begins to grow up out of the dirt you mound soil and straw around plants as the continue to grow. Potatoes will grow all along the stem as the stems as it reaches for sunlight. You just keep adding soil. There you have it, low cost and low maintenance potato boxes.

Happy potato planting and harvesting!

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