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Are you interested in learning how to incorporate essential oils into your home while getting rid of harmful chemicals that cause cancer and other respiratory illnesses? During the month of August everyone who schedules a class and has at least 5 adults attend and one starter kit sold will receive a Young Living USB Travel size diffuser valued at $29.93 as your gift.

Classes are fun and easy!

  1. Simply contact me to schedule a date,.

  2. Invite your friends.

  3. Grab some snacks and beverages.

That's it! I will provide everything else. All your guests will leave with a ton of knowledge and a little gift to try at home.

My passion is teaching people how to work toward a chemical free home and life free from carcinogens and chemicals that cause respiratory illnesses, skin problems, pollute the environment and are completely unnecessary. Exposure to unnecessary chemicals and carcinogens in our environment have been determined to lead to many of the diseases, cancers and chronic diseases that have drastically been on the rise of the years. You don't need to exposure your family to these, God has provided us with everything we need through plant extracts to meet all our needs.

People say "essential oils are so expensive". My response is if you compare the cost of a doctor visit, prescriptions, the cost of continued illness and disease from exposure to chemicals and the cost to the environment, not only are you saving money but you are preserving your family's health and future for years to come. Give me an opportunity to show you how you can do this in your home and save yourself time and money. How much is your family's health, safety and wellness worth to you?

Let's do this! If I can do it you can do it!




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Located: 4600 Lil Lane Edmond OK

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