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Holiday Shopping Local - My Favorite Things

If you are anything like me you have put off your holiday shopping til the last minute. Every year I find myself here. I have been so busy with the farm and our new Home Economics Class schedules, new job as a hospice Chaplain and all my church and ministry volunteer activities that I haven't gotten anything purchased.

So let me share with you some ideas for shopping local and supporting your local farmers and small business owners this holiday season. Whether you purchase a homemade item or a gift certificate you can feel good that not only did you give any awesome gift you are helping two families. The one you give to and the one you purchase from......Its a Win for all involved!

Click the name links to visit their facebook pages!

1. Green Acres Farm - Check out our upcoming Home Economics classes for kids and adults. We are offering cooking, knitting, soap making, sourdough bread making, sewing, car maintenance, home maintenance, baking 101, etc. You can purchase a 6 month pass for $275 per person. We also have gift certificates available for pastured chicken, eggs, organic nongmo produce, lamb, pastured pork, pastured turkey and many natural skin care products and items. Visit our on-line store!

2. Ruzycki Farms - Located in the Jones Spencer area, Michael and Emily have a quaint little indoor market that is heated and they offer a variety of different homemade items including pies, cupcakes, variety of seasonal organic veggies, homemade aprons, soaps, pork rinds, etc. They also are a local seller of our Green Acres Farm nontoxic dedorant. They have CSA's available for sale right now. They are good hard working young couple who deserve our support. Love this farm and sweet couple!

3. Looney Farm - This farm is located in Alex, OK, BUT all you OKC folks can visit them at the OSU/OKC Farmers Market. Carrie is a cute lil thang that is a for sure FarmHer! She has done an amazing job of developing a market farm and getting all her gorgeous organic product to market. Don't worry about the Romaine, she has some gorgeous lettuces available right now. Go see them!

4. Providence Farms - Is a local Edmond farm that specializes in organic produce and local items. Chris and Jennifer have an outdoor market at their farm and host many different classes such as soap making, cooking, bath bombs, etc, all year long, along with CSA's available. They are located in Northwest Edmond off of Western and Coffee Creek. Go check them out, I promise you will not be disapointed. They are all hosting a Christmas market on December 22nd and many of the local farms and other businesses will have items available for your last minute shopping.

5. Locavores Fork Farm - This local farm is located in Piedmont and owned by Mike and Cathy Best. They have a variety of different organic produce along with pastured chicken and eggs. Additionally right now they have some sooo cute Christmas gift sets available that include bath bombs, lip balm, etc.

6. Indigo Acres - A local farm located in Northwest Edmond that specializes in organic nongmo produce. They have some beautiful lettuces available right now. Check them out!

7. Fancy Feathered Farm - A small farm located in Piedmont that specializes in Elderberry Syrup. They have syrup and kits available for sale and they even ship! Hurry she sells out really fast!

8. K&A Farms - A small local farm specializing in organic produce, duck eggs and other natural products.

9. Wells Farm - A small local farm located in Seminole that specializes in nongmo organic veggies and fruit. Go see them they have the sweetest lil family!

10. Earth Shelter Garden Project - This is a local farm located in Northwest Edmond that grows organic nongmo produce and pastured eggs. Wes makes a delicious sourdough bread and will be teaching a class for Green acres Farm in February.

11. Carolyn Munholland - aka Mama Moose Knits is an amazing knitter who takes special orders for projects. She is also an indepent distributor for Plexus and just an all around very talented person. She is teaching our Home Ec Class knitting classes and some sewing classes for us this year.

12. Perceptions Barber and Beauty Salon - A local barber shop owned by Eddie Gaines, which is located at 1412 West Britton Road in Gaines Plaza. They even have a little food booth were you can pick up some of the best fried catfish and hot dogs.

13. GelMoment - Offers gel nail polish, lamps, accessories and nail art. Local independent distributor Natalie Waggoner.

14. Rick Smith Painting - Owned by Rick Smith has produced high quality painting and custom finishes for over 25 years. Almost any finish can be duplicated. References available 405-596-9129.

15. Steve Ball, PGA - Steve Ball is a local golf instructor who was Voted #1 Instructor in Oklahoma by Golf Digest 4 times, Top 50 Instructor in USA, Time South Central PGA Teacher of the Year, 5 Time Nominee by Golf Magazine for Top 100 Teachers in U.S., 5 Time Nominee by Golf Magazine for Top 100 Teachers in U.S.Titleist Performance Institute Level III Instructor (* Only professional in Oklahoma) Steve offers classes, work shops and coaches juniors and seniors to help improve their games.

16. Bad Baxter farm - Health & Wellness homestead located in Tribbey, OK focused on real food, ethical livestock stewardship & natural, sustainable, living. They offer classes from wellness to livestock processing, as well as offer a local CSA of pastured poultry, eggs & more.


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