• Nancy Miller

Homemade Baking Mix - Never buy store bought again

This is the recipe I use for homemade baking mix which is just like Bisquick but costs way less! This recipe makes the best pancakes and there is a 7- up biscuit recipe (which I linked for you here) that makes awesome biscuits. Anything you would use bisquick, replace it with this mix and you won't be disappointed. Plus its easier on your pocketbook.

I am linking this to Happy Homemaker which is the original site that I found the recipe. She includes the recipes for biscuits, waffles, etc. The only thing I do different is I add extra sugar to the pancake and waffles when I make them. Otherwise, mix some of this up and put it in an airtight container in the cupboard and you have a handy mix on hand to make up a batch of pancakes, biscuits or waffles or anything else you might like for an easy peasy meal.

Here is the 7-Up biscuit recipe that I use which I absolutely love. It totally works so don't knock it until you try it!

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